Tuesday, May 14, 2019

part of life

They lost the eggs. I believe that they were flooded, but I don't know for sure. 
My heart is as heavy as the nest must have been, saturated to overflowing with sadness.
What would have happened; 
IF I had created drainage in the platform instead of just using a plywood base
IF it hadn't rained for days on end with no sun to dry the nest out
IF the temperatures hadn't been so cold
IF our young couple had been a bit more experienced.
But the ifs aren't going to bring back the eggs from this family.
But my hopes for them are strong, I know they are learning how to live, 
Like the rest of us, making mistakes along the way and living with the choices we've made. 
For now the nest remains empty.
The parents are in the area, flying in the trees, and landing on Brad's boat. 
And on heartbreaking occasions landing on the edge of the nest for a few moments.

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